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[經驗交流] 類比 ic design offer 選擇... 換成是你,你會如何選擇呢?

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Sr Analog Design Engineer4 |+ a) V3 J! C) z( P

7 o  D2 h; a4 Q, p; D3 G公      司:A famous IC company3 C9 a! e% }0 v9 i1 L
工作地点:上海1 u( d+ b0 \# O: z$ i

: E  B! ~$ [" ]( NResponsibilities:
& @% h7 r% x" Z• Implement critical analog circuitries, such as charge pump, bandgap, reference voltage/current, ADC/DAC etc., for memory operation
6 I' ^5 L3 H4 n•        Perform transistor level simulations for functionality, performance and optimization
- x- D  M: ]& R8 {" A% V•        Perform block level and full chip level simulations using mixed-signal simulators $ b: p$ K6 J# K* F* E; P
•        Define, design and verify architecture for embedded non-volatile memories
: Q# w" Q( @" G. N  T4 A3 F•        I/O design experience a plus % S# q5 e" [2 R8 m* ^+ B
•        Other duties as and when required.) C* u' g% w8 g' @- r

" h0 j" k! p! o' h7 y: NMandatory Skills: - }+ N% U2 `% N8 C  B
•        Must be good at problem solving
3 ^1 W' k+ ~# I: q- B- S•        Must have the ability to communicate effectively with different levels of employees/customers ; d! l' o- M! H3 |5 O: J
•        Knowledge and ability to use computer tools such as HSPICE, SPECTRE, digital simulation(NC-verilog), mixed-signal simulator, static timing analysis and test generation 8 R; N+ ^2 x7 ~9 u! X* J% V
•        Knowledge of layout verification tools and debugging techniques
+ _7 b2 R0 X& x5 W•        Some knowledge of digital RTL design and logic synthesis preferred
. T6 e) r: j: E2 `0 n$ c
; B- O; o( M+ lEducation:Bachelor Degree or higher preferred ! |$ @$ h7 X. G- ]& j0 H5 K8 @
Experience:Minimum of 4 year’s experience in R&D center in Semiconductor field
9 M5 _* H' ^% x, M" L" @Position:Regular   t5 h$ f' s7 R8 _

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; I. C* M% J( V- e, F0 j: z- p
0 M  J- [& `- V4 c公      司:IC设计公司
/ f% E8 G8 {" v9 E工作地点:深圳! N* o% j2 Q  a) z' B
4 O2 M) y: A6 ?
+ `3 U0 r* k* Q# E: h* }1、 具备扎实的模拟电路理论基础,熟悉CMOS工艺制程;
# q' l" c2 B6 E7 p2、 精通Class-AB运放,charge pump,LDO,Bandap中的一种或几中模拟模块设计; . ^5 {: }" O2 a% g0 u2 o) V; }
3、 能够指导后端版图设计; ( k& Z( @4 M& `1 ^  g6 A
4、 至少3年以上LCD模拟电路设计经验。

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Software Applications Engineer
& L6 b# W; l+ g8 T
4 S! t8 K, |5 ?6 c公      司:A famous IC company
( u" g' N2 ]4 e0 E7 V* L工作地点:上海" q8 X9 K) f' T
: t2 l- d3 G7 r: b. U' |
- E3 w- N" p( ~+ }% |Applications Engineering role
6 o, O) {* c  M1 a9 sYou will be required to gain a good knowledge of software development tools, boards, processor cores, and other products through close working with the worldwide applications engineering teams and  Product Engineering group. Then to use this knowledge to provide customers with the assistance they require to develop systems around the processor contained within their new products.
4 B: m& J: T% m2 o1 ^8 V+ \$ B4 U6 T1 q# c" Z
The transfer of your knowledge will take a number of forms. Firstly, you will need to be able to provide comprehensive responses to customer enquiries. Such enquiries may be received by email, telephone or face to face meetings.) W+ |& t1 a2 F( R
3 f0 N4 ?# F* O# v7 k3 S
Secondly you will be required to provide in-depth technical training to customers. You will therefore be expected to be able to travel every six to eight weeks. You will also be expected to have excellent interpersonal skills and be a good presenter.4 i; h0 A7 k1 H6 }! N; j

* N  j4 Z6 P, g+ `; n7 MThirdly you will be responsible for the generation and review of new product documentation, such as application notes, frequently asked question lists and user guides. This may include translation for local language support.
3 E& @7 U* l% h' O+ Y$ C! E! g5 n( Q, y, Q3 Q4 k  w
Finally, you must be reactive to the demands of both customers and sales and feedback requirements to Engineering and Marketing groups.

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职位要求* k+ ?% e" c; Q" V# i
Qualifications : z/ S0 Z- R* ]* {  C2 r
Good university degree, in Computer Science or Electronics Engineering ideally, although other science graduates would be considered if they have relevant experience.
& x# V: c" r$ W3 d/ T7 I5 [
/ J- H8 `5 p' P2 J( DExperience 5 s. w. G8 k2 ^
Minimum of 2 years industrial experience ( [. V' ]2 _! l( `( ^6 j% v
Strong C/C++ coding and debug skills – preferably using GCC,  compilation tools, or MS Visual C++ % R. I7 y1 N3 o/ Q5 d
A good understanding of the interaction between software and hardware ; T& [# r1 p& |+ C7 W* K+ [' m* T; N
Experience of microcontrollers/microprocessors ' e7 F/ J6 U0 s) B: {+ d

! f7 p0 y, u( k1 BDesirable
4 x. l' R. \" R, H* a0 bProfessional experience of customer and sales interaction – ideally in a Technical Support role - as well as development work 2 h4 @% l9 Q  j! {' h) ?0 r
Knowledge of XX architecture * o5 f% i" X6 w
Hands-on experience developing for embedded platforms and/or real-time operating systems
# ]8 A3 ^  T+ @5 RExperience of design, development and debugging of embedded development boards.
- @0 N3 }. x9 @. i8 c1 y' s" Z3 v/ O/ cExperience of interacting with colleagues outside of China
& b& L' P* u4 Y$ m, I
' T8 T. S: D' ?7 jPersonal Requirements   k: {- P* Z4 O! i& x3 e
Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills with both colleagues and customers, including good written and spoken English  D' R( k$ h9 O1 I6 X. T6 M
Must be proactive in obtaining engineering or management input, in order to complete project and internal tasks in a timely and accurate manner
: w: X* ]; J/ \% B7 p5 o$ e% BMust have the desire and ability to solve problems quickly ; y+ H. d9 N: r
Must be enthusiastic and well driven + ]2 c; Y! i/ Q/ \9 K( n- h5 s
Must be able to schedule own workload and plan tasks – based on both internal and customer requirements.  ' }$ t) X. T2 Q& J
Must have good inter-personal skills, and be able to work well within a team; especially when under pressure   x1 m, _3 I7 z
Must be willing to be flexible and accept new challenges : j$ q3 a/ {3 w. x5 H, C! b- c$ f
Must be able to travel on a regular basis, both to give customer training and also for internal business reasons.

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Senior Applications Engineer – Software
( G) ?- L8 s- b7 s0 N, _
1 M& l+ ]% {; D7 Z( m公      司:A famous IC company( y3 h1 p1 v' r% f) B
工作地点:上海" D, k5 z/ s! W8 J; e, X) ~; l' e) R

% a7 ^: k- z1 D! `, t1 GKey Accountabilities
6 G& v9 h9 c9 T: K9 MWork with  Processor Software design teams and Compute Subsystem teams to gain in-depth knowledge of our  Architecture, our IPs, MPCore™ and big-LITTLE™ technologies and tools to support debugging and optimization  
% ?# Q; w. p, M. iProvide feedback to the design teams on potential product improvements & enhancements 6 d  {& _/ h8 U  `0 m& U/ u
Participate in big-LITTLE™ technology design projects and enablement activities  % V# `% t! W6 G0 B6 l7 D
Work with our Services Division to ensure that quality support and training is being deployed to the satisfaction of our lead partners. @+ q0 ~( Z: c# q3 w" _6 G' }( F
Prepare and maintain material for lead partner support including training materials, white papers and application notes" l5 T! \' Y; I
Work directly with lead partners delivering training, support and hands-on system design assistance to ensure that their goals are achieved. - s# `) K# ~( }0 Z! z! M

( a: ~5 g9 }3 P3 \Education & Qualifications
: o$ g% M4 U7 I/ `) r2 H" g3 mQualified candidates will have a good university degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering or other relevant technical discipline.

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Essential Technical / Professional Skills
3 ]* i2 e( C$ k0 B8 ^6 Z7-10 years of software development experience including experience with recent  based implementations ! p- ^; X; A4 y% R8 L( d  a
General Linux BSP skills – from platform drivers to frameworks, with strong experience in kernel/driver and application debugging
- L# }5 w! P1 y6 b- O1 i; WUnderstanding of Android''s interactions with Linux particularly around thread priorities and basic APIs 7 P- A  h. b& ]! B1 D  N+ P" `
Low level embedded development and JTAG debugging experience
" j$ e" D& E2 ]9 HStrong scripting for enabling workload automation 3 B7 a' G" P3 c2 j  A; E
Understanding of power management systems 2 g' f4 o  _( T
Experience of working closely with customers, providing technical support and training
: A9 x" ], W! r" @$ G8 I% k! t* I; y% HAbility to think under pressure, especially in front of customers and to provide logical and accurate problem analysis
) {- q1 z- ]$ l( N0 ]) ]Good spoken and written English ' ]* x- j; {2 J& o  U; U- L1 \
( u7 d) Z$ U/ d- p# v
Desirable Skills & Experience
* g* ~; c' O) y: F5 D% p; GExperience with open source software development % B3 q& T! z! @
Experience of software optimization by tuning source code and compiler options ! @+ _* a/ b9 v3 b
Knowledge and experience in working with MPCore™ based systems " |5 x  }) t# b2 q% g
Knowledge of  technology, culture and the business model 4 s1 g' l) q# g9 d. x
Understanding of system architectures and end market applications. / W1 m2 {$ B/ e7 b% v; l' i

% w& d, V" H3 u" ^7 f9 DPersonal Requirements 9 {# b7 j, F9 Z9 w6 ]8 G. A9 }0 O
Excellent communication skills: listening, understanding and persuading  4 s# A& ?& f" a% I- y6 C9 g6 m
Highly self-motivated with the ability to effectively work alone as well as in a team , L  I/ I$ z# p
Must have the desire and ability to solve problems quickly. ' J- [+ b4 f! P+ y' I- n4 ^" D( k' ^% X
Demonstrate a positive attitude and respect for all members of the team
8 m; `% D( [) Y6 U" J4 mBe motivated to continuously develop skills and accept a variety of responsibilities as part of contributing to the team’s success7 }/ E, p' v" Q. V3 m
Willingness to travel including US, UK, India and China, spending significant periods of time on customer sites and for learning trips.

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Hardware Applications Engineer – Cores
6 r  c! K) _& Y% U/ h4 s
5 ~- N* N" ?: q. |8 H0 d  _公      司:A famous IC company' ~6 u6 Y4 {) s# \) h
工作地点:上海/ p, F  ^/ ]. B2 X

; F7 l3 @/ S9 h. }' R% b$ c7 f5 u! |0 lQualifications
7 k0 p+ M- p4 W( O6 aGood university degree, in Computer Science or Electronics Engineering ideally, although other science graduates would be considered if they have relevant experience.2 y* d! w2 t# Y
( U* h! P8 @% O$ ^4 P0 b
0 f4 j1 v: _/ @8 V  U  s& [% ]# aMinimum of 2 years industrial experience ' n& z- W# W. Y' w9 v: i
Strong understanding of microprocessors
+ b5 M3 A  \+ uExperience or knowledge of FPGA or ASIC design, simulation and/or verification techniques, including RTL coding and simulation, in Verilog or VHDL
& d" j4 N0 R6 d6 n2 B  v: Q$ Q( TUnderstanding of FPGA or ASIC implementation flows (synthesis, scan insertion, layout)
2 V" Y, ]# V" i! K8 IA good understanding of the interaction between software and hardware ' D5 c0 L# e! ^+ K9 N( ~
Demonstrable experience of problem solving and debug skills ; h7 p1 L7 ]) R. ~
Experience of interacting with colleagues outside of China

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Desirable " \9 D, f5 r6 M" f0 Y
Professional experience of customer and sales interaction  
$ c9 e5 q3 k! Q! J% H' hKnowledge of XX architecture
: M3 Y$ _' a+ D; _3 N5 ?C/C++, assembler coding or other programming skills.
2 B& T( G3 P/ `* R- ~Experience in integrating SoC peripherals
' E/ l- w0 A; I6 k- e9 n9 p
7 i5 a" [7 \. _& M$ }2 ePersonal Requirements   j4 M) w0 k+ H4 {( L
Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills with both colleagues and customers, including good written and spoken English
! E. H/ g7 K6 [/ e* h" s% lMust be proactive in obtaining engineering or management input, in order to complete project and internal tasks in a timely and accurate manner: {! W! v+ c  i! s
Must have the desire and ability to solve problems quickly 9 m5 C+ i2 e8 C- ]& j1 t+ q# w/ y
Must be enthusiastic and well driven ; S; S" \# @6 Y4 u8 Q# n0 ~
Must be able to schedule own workload and plan tasks – based on both internal and customer requirements.  0 P  p/ S  x4 x2 g
Must have good inter-personal skills, and be able to work well within a team; especially when under pressure 9 S, a0 h& r" k# }/ c
Must be willing to be flexible and accept new challenges
  ?* r; |. d7 H$ |- U3 _% m3 SMust be able to travel on a regular basis, both to give customer training and also for internal business reasons.

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Application Engineer0 ^9 t5 }% Y- p6 e% u
0 s& j$ J. L- F& D. s# g
公      司:A famous IC company9 T- X% G/ y8 h
工作地点:上海( n/ ^. z; V9 n+ ]4 Q( @" b* k; x1 o

+ S7 Z' k9 i8 m8 Z, [" a  f职位描述
! U5 F5 E. t, M8 z. b5 ^: ~The Applications Engineer (AE) interfaces with Sales, Marketing, Product, Test and Design
+ o. y  x+ A2 `* w/ I6 R6 O% y  b+ q7 f0 r
Engineering with a focus on customer application related tasks for new and existing products. # A) p1 g# K% A; Q% @
2 `$ ]. G: w6 ~3 X' E
• Support customer applications and product development to support the sales of industrial power products.
9 y  O; B" k4 j
) i0 G' Q; x; A) q: \7 c4 s7 t# D• Design, build and test custom demonstration and reference design circuits to meet customer specifications to support the sales of the portable power product line.
& {; Q* b! B$ k0 p/ I0 \! \! A  l
- \  S5 P  m9 e# F4 N0 X5 l6 t# Z•Create demonstration boards with GUIs/software which will be used by customers to evaluate Portable Power products.
, _4 s3 y9 ]4 B+ b* K( K- z
& b; `. [9 ?6 H# c" h7 O; N6 M• Provide input and help prototype new product definition. & A4 l( F: ?$ Y/ a8 p

7 f: p, S6 ?7 A( b$ s• Perform Lab test and measurement of analog/power management circuits.
0 V. \* G' Z& M$ M/ f) p' t
6 b# i  k# F2 o, b7 ~  p6 a Design and assist building application test fixtures, device evaluation and demo boards including demo board instruction manual/datasheet. This includes management of  personnel involved in printed circuit boards, acquisition of components, board assembly and circuit troubleshooting. $ |+ u! L- g; x$ D9 R
- e+ \! B  i  a6 h, W" A& e2 Q
• “Road Test” products based on “New Product Applications Evaluation Check List”.
) H4 l) W1 U& D! J! z$ c) f7 i& m$ i# ?9 Q  w  M
• Direct contact with customers and ***** field application engineering staff for creating design solutions and troubleshooting system design problems. 8 |1 H! N4 o- Y! H& ~* t

. U. K- h# g( b& R% B• Write product datasheets with applications section, applications notes, design articles and demo board manuals with all text, graphs and diagrams. + O- Y. V0 L8 U) G" Q
  S8 |; W6 N) N/ ^" w1 W" {
• Participate in team meetings; assist product planning team with characterization plan.

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Desired Skills & Experience
, u$ u( W# X& d; xWe are looking for highly experienced candidates with experience in Power Management Applications & Product Definition. Some of the key requirements include:' ?: h. k0 r9 C8 E
" d7 Y2 \; D* N8 ]0 @7 P/ P
• BSEE or equivalent working experience.
; [2 R9 t/ X7 d* @. h  O. k, B) W9 F' {& v
• 5 - 7 years experience with power management applications in the area of board level DC-DC applications.
/ L* @7 O4 ~9 W  ^- V! U
& o% s! n" W, X* @6 L' o1 X• Significant experience directing or performing layout of high frequency DC-DC switching converters using Cadence or equivalent software. ) B6 H! [9 h1 Q" P4 S

9 v! l( ?/ |2 B3 F( s4 \: M• Strong knowledge of circuit design, power system design and PC base software. 1 S" J- @4 ^' ]
# C( j# Z( p( o" p1 B
• Strong Analog circuit design skills and medium Digital hardware desig skills. 0 r% u2 j3 J; m$ w$ G

8 \1 X4 D3 ^* D2 r3 t( `• Strong lab test and measurement skills required to characterize new products and design application circuit solutions.
1 E- N6 ~9 K  k: g/ \9 z1 W6 k" A: W5 r8 m6 P7 T
• Reasonable proficiency writing simple non-production code in a high level language such as C++, C#, Visual Basic
4 n6 N6 n4 B7 \9 B0 {# U8 j5 V
% R8 b2 V) H0 H• Experience with serial communication protocols such as I2C. / s& F, c* r" J7 j. _' n

2 ^, X+ t3 T) b- i# f. u• Strong communications skills and open to travel as necessary.
4 U8 n( m# f( o9 H/ _6 Y, v! y
/ n# q( V) Z/ A0 h) z• Good writing, technical drawing and verbal communications skills are mandatory for writing product datasheets, documenting lab reports and creating product application notes.
) m7 `, u8 w* h; \  z/ V6 U3 y; F1 Z3 @7 X* K+ j
• Proficient with test equipment such as oscilloscopes, electronic loads, spectrum/network analyzers and other common lab instruments.& }4 h7 Q2 v( x# R% P$ A/ n

) `* t8 N# a' c8 }# D' d. M• Working knowledge of printed circuit board layout and fabrication as well as electronic assembly practices.
" J" h  L# E) h9 y2 e$ c6 c, H
( f9 U# B" g- [* E. u; J• Able to use soldering equipment and have knowledge of hand assembly with SMT devices. 3 x( o: h! _9 y% k

) p: o+ [* H9 M- H: t• Proficient in writing technical documents and datasheets and creating technical drawings using MS Word and Visio.

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Staff Analog Design Engineer

公      司:one famous IC company1 [' {. q) C6 @) A6 Y4 z+ e  X
工作地点:上海; n( N: x% x3 C* U5 l) i9 s

8 c/ d4 U9 x9 k6 [Responsibilities:  / y  E) s$ H9 ^
--Work with design team for new product development & assist layout designers with product layout, conduct lab experiments and bench testing and evaluation;' a# c) i; _* }; {) B' L
--Support test & product engineer with chip debugging, failure analysis, characterizations and product release efforts. Assist vendor to support ongoing product development. 9 N8 Y7 z. n! Q& L& |& K6 i
/ ^' m" i4 F: B+ h2 a# @+ j  K
Qualification: 2 g- H7 \  `! Y1 w; P# b
--Minimum BSEE/MSEE preferred; 7 E7 E7 @5 o9 n, A, A. b
--4+ yrs. of experience on analog IC design area; 1 `  n; P* T1 e
--Knowledge of MOSFET physics, semiconductor process and layout;   i+ P3 X5 w& s2 T+ D# ?% Y
--Experience in analog blocks design, such as voltage reference, opamp, comparator, etc;
" k' w7 X* @, d, m& G' }6 b--Experience in PLL design is must to have;
- ~& }3 p6 o. \/ F% ~) I--Familiar with CAD tools, such as schematic capture, SPICE simulator (or equivalent transistor level circuit simulator) and Virtuso;( H' ?# P1 B" @2 o2 k/ w6 T2 h/ Z
--At least one design finalized in silicon preferred.

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高速模拟集成电路设计工程师. J8 L0 w6 T) G

5 ^2 h) ~  K4 G- A1 \+ [公      司:A semiconductor company; w% M: b0 s/ b) u% S( R
工作地点:上海& G( d, f% c4 G! C9 L2 R& E

  y; p" |4 f/ k& R9 d职位描述:  
, s7 j% E, B* z. V/ {& h+ a; n1、负责高速模拟电路的设计、开发、优化;  
' b! h4 J9 {% k( _2、版图的设计及验证;  
$ Q' _2 a7 G( |2 B2 v4 Q3、电路版图参数的提取及后仿真;  
. a/ X  d# G2 p4、芯片的测试和分析。8 k3 b' G" E6 ^/ e3 S" p
* j) o- h# U- t; b* \3 P. q+ M
0 n; Z7 _; }+ K7 @1)微电子、集成电路相关专业硕士或博士学位,或学士学位3年以上模拟IC设计经验;  5 ^& L; r; |+ M, k# [' J
2)熟悉和掌握模拟集成电路及版图设计的原理与技巧;  4 z8 E2 F4 F# p
3)有通信系统用集成电路芯片设计和成功投片经验;  + c# r* |2 @5 w/ f* V
$ I: A2 V1 w- z- F0 E5)有下述项目经验者优先:高速锁相环(PLL),时钟数据恢复电路(CDR),调制驱动电路,宽带放大器,限幅放大器,跨阻放大器等;

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  p6 f* D; ~7 `
) B3 l% S9 U* I7 Y. w/ k2 v" V5 g公      司:A Semiconductor Company: V  N& m7 q( Q8 T8 a; l
工作地点:上海. i+ G: o/ R  }
7 R4 B1 a7 q( _3 \; ?
岗位职责: % k4 o: J2 U& @8 ]7 h$ m  y
1.     协助参与新产品定义和系统设计、仿真,提供产品成本分析。
1 r6 e( y4 [% a1 B7 p5 C8 D2.     组建产品开发团队,并负责保证产品开发能按时达到各个Mile-Stone,最终确保产品能按时送样并投产。
1 S0 U3 |7 _% [5 G- W# K& P3.     指导设计工程师进行模块级和芯片级设计、仿真,指导芯片版图设计。
4 c7 [0 Z. e: @: [4 f8 c' s4.     与测试部沟通,及时提供标准格式的中测,成测规范。    u) ^2 l4 Z9 t6 K8 o8 z, d! p0 G
5.     与应用部沟通,提供详细的系统应用测试计划。 & q4 @4 h: y' d8 p6 G) S  q: V  |5 b
6.        产品转为批量生产后,完成项目开发总结,负责将所有的项目文件及时归档。
4 e0 b5 m  G7 k2 W0 z7 U" t7 L" O, D% ~/ S' x/ r9 U! a8 g
职位要求: 2 M9 x# ?0 P5 ]5 h% |3 c
集成电路设计专业硕士研究生以上学历,三年以上BLDC(无刷直流)电机控制芯片设计经验,熟悉BLDC控制算法。  3 Y/ v0 N& s- t" q8 o
熟练地设计常见的模拟和混合电路,包括Bandgap,OPAMP,Comparator等。深刻了解各种半导体器件的物理特性和版图要求。  + j$ ?( U/ S( U2 L
了解常见的工艺、设计、量产测试和系统应用上的问题,能有效地指导工程师进行设计和解决技术难题。  - V1 X0 |: }2 c' ^3 o
必须有独立设计并大规模量产2个以上芯片产品的经验。  3 e2 D( \: V! M5 V2 z  _1 O; M3 f6 w
! |, ?8 D# y( T出色的项目管理技能 。

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Application Engineer% e4 o- j2 D# S, d5 H# ?9 g
公      司:A famous IC company
  e$ K6 ]: I9 A( T. ^工作地点:上海
9 u5 v8 F' V6 L4 J$ y% @$ q8 {7 H4 I; H: T2 y9 L7 [' T
Responsibilities:  * I$ |, b  {: ~, B
1) Production Support  
9 P0 ^8 g; w, S, ^' Z* U- Support new device ramp-up.  + ~  W# C) |4 t- n
- Application support (e.g. yield improvement, test time reduction)  
5 R9 R8 P+ ?! T* H5 l* Q- Production troubleshooting.  
+ ?5 o: L" d0 N! Y. I& |  J- Customer training (customized workshops).  3 n2 r" s# V9 y5 i
- Account management: relationship building, issue tracking, escalation and communication.  
4 h8 V" ?3 h8 y+ O. Y
% V( N9 ~/ m- W* q2) Pre-sale Support  $ K5 I8 N# |  H, n4 K' d( Q
- Understand market, device technology and competition trends, provide inputs to sales for Verigy product positioning strategy. 1 z1 T  I' m6 Q" o( _( z4 d. ]
- Collect local market / accounts / applications data, analyze and identify opportunities.  
, d- O4 p  d0 H; v1 G/ L- Understand customer’s technical problems, create and drive account penetration strategy.  ! A' j/ I, Q4 a1 M' \/ H1 u
- Support sales in technical discussions, theoretical benchmarks and customer presentations; help preparing proposal and tendering documents 8 e, J/ D! w+ E  O: U
- Support marcom events like SEMICON show, seminars, etc.

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3) Solution Development and Project Management  
0 F9 q1 k* ~7 s6 o7 f: S( ]5 k- Track account roadmap, analyze customer’s test requirements and provide competitive test solutions.  ' I5 P+ w) d* G. }$ z+ Q
- Test program development and project management.  ) r# \( j2 C  z9 i
- Device correlation and test program release at customer site.
/ S  s* a( b! j' P# }0 e职位要求; V3 a) J# z* Q0 y2 U7 @
Minimum Qualifications : Qualifications:  4 D5 ]; v3 X) a% ?, ]
- Demonstrated personal leadership skills & strong team contributor.  
2 [$ ]9 L7 r. f# P- Master degree or higher in electronic, electrical engineering, Automation or related discipline.  $ j5 k  P! u& C6 G
- Has more than 2 years Project management experience  
" }- L: n; ?6 X3 [- 4 years experience in semiconductor test application development, application support, IC design, or test engineering.
) V" g# H  D% Y1 H# d; y- Familiar with C/C++, Java or other programming languages.  
3 ^& K5 P4 l: {7 p& G" {7 O& k- Fluent in English.  : B6 Q: p4 M6 y% H: j
- Good communication skills.  6 S9 |# p: ]% p1 ]; u) t

* g/ e! o$ V, L2 g4 c8 T6 @: zPreferred:  " W2 {+ _" a  W
- Knowledge in semiconductor design, manufacture and verification for SOC, logic, memory, RF, processors or ASIC devices. $ |6 L, f" C+ i, v* x& L3 C9 D- j
- Experience in using Automatic Test Equipment platforms (for example, Verigy/Agilent, LTX, Teradyne or Advantest), especially in mixed-signal and RF applications.    T: ~- h* ?7 E# W5 p" {
- Pre-Sales skills and direct customer interface experience.

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Product Business Development Manager# v& |3 ^5 N* k" o' g* o( g
公      司:A famous European IC company! F# v9 _$ Y2 {; z* n* g+ |
+ Y) h: f6 M( B9 C9 D; E* E; _, z" d" ]% G% }+ f+ M$ ?* ?" G/ `  d
Roles and Responsibility:
$ l& E* N! i+ k- Promote the product at customers and sales partners; cooperate with sales at developing customer specific promotion strategies.2 ~  \% i* [' \$ G+ @- U) A
- Introducing new product into new market.
4 f' i: n; H/ W$ g, t' N- Provide customer, market feedback and requirement to PM and proposed product features for better market coverage, }7 X, n+ N) T& v5 y
- Secure orders and achieve sales per budget and sales forecast.
+ k( x* b6 o2 q' ~$ b% j' @- Focus on business development with major customers prospects
  v, ]! k2 s7 `" P/ e0 p9 t7 w' l- Develop and drive a business plan which includes focus account profiles and penetration plans, that support the system solution of customer needs as determined by the long range market segment business plan+ ~/ M; [9 g/ X6 W9 f4 d' {
- Regional travel is expected to ensure relationships and business opportunities are being developed
. _5 m9 G+ V: K! d. B. M9 x; l3 d1 W- h7 u  z
Qualification requirements:
+ B9 v3 e- V& |- Proven track-record(5-7 years plus)of success in business and/or commercials roles in CE production
% N; {# ]! R  ^; s7 Q6 I( g- Experience in sales and/or marketing/product marketing and /or business management ( |2 f6 V& u$ ~9 j5 L
- Experience in consumer electronics industries including mobile communications, wearable device and digital media& j9 a# f/ Z# j; m  q4 L3 P3 ]" R
- Must be an effective communicator with the ability to interface at all levels within the skills, high credibility. Good social skills, ability to establish open communication

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solution manager& X, F0 ^; Z% |3 m- g* Q3 L
公      司:A famous IC company0 f. S* {" |& r! C. G! p, _
工作地点:北京, |! V' t8 G- i: `

3 ?  q- u8 P: o" L+ |4 LResponsibility: $ I/ O5 |3 L$ d' O0 V
1. Work together with Sales/Business Operation team for forecast and shipment driving; 7 O4 A- A7 S5 g7 Y' P& z
2. Coordinate projects prioritization and resources together with HQ BU/AE/RD;
% E3 X0 i% ~: a( R6 V$ G3. Promote our solution to customers together with sales; : m* a# d2 n/ X3 p
4.Support Marcom for solution advantage and success story advertising;  
: o$ b& X! r- B% g2 }5. Competition analysis; ; |5 O5 J8 h: L
6. Build IOT eco-system;
; _0 X! L, Z; L( m7 Z3 Q/ M; @7. Support BU/RD for product & solution def.
5 ^' D( P3 b8 [& z  D) P5 m4 R% ?9 m0 b' T5 h" J  f! v& j! i
Qualifications: 7 E- }( i5 D0 M7 P
1. At least eight years working experience in wireless and connectivity area; , H# {* F5 l- K; A
2. At least three years working experience in product/solution management or relative works;
! s3 k% S5 x2 ~- B3 `/ p3. Good communications skills with customers, peers and team members; / b8 O( |& y: ^0 ?6 j
4. Strong technical background in IoT, smart home, wireless connectivity, 7 Z! y! D- v. r2 R/ A# N
5. Willing to travel and work at customer site to drive customer communication and promote XX’s solution/product;
+ V, c2 N$ v/ P. A# }6. Must be aggressive, self motivated and result driven.
0 ?  z( R" B+ [. y5 w! _: t0 A7. BS in EE is required.  MS is preferred

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Manager/Sr. Manager, wireless communication( A+ u7 z# w+ r; f
公      司:a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solution
% e$ F! D. h( P0 {2 J工作地点:上海# Z4 W. J4 ?# `: w

3 q6 v) c* r3 q) ~/ i+ Z/ a职位描述
9 p+ a, M! e+ x; m/ R: bThis is a high visibility position at XX Technology (Shanghai). This position will lead a wireless design team to deliver products to address wireless emerging markets. The candidate will be responsible for developing communication system architecture and driving wireless R&D resources to deliver high cost/performance products. A successful candidate should have strong industrial experience in designing digital receivers/transmitters, and have in-depth knowledge of characteristics of wireless communication systems. The candidate is required not only to lead ASIC design team on design implementation and verification, but also to have the ability to communicate with other teams of various backgrounds, such as RF IC design, software and marketing in order to develop the best architecture for cost/performance tradeoff. The position also bears the responsibility of working with marketing and system teams for product definition, performance analysis and optimization.& {4 f& w) `$ q9 O
: o& m( f( _: O9 D; {* N
Requirements 9 ]. e8 ?% ~, p$ b; d2 f
--- MSEE with 8+ years experience (5+ years for PhD) in communication SoC design, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or DVB-C/S/H.  
* Z% q/ T  [# Q) }; o* q --- Direct design experience on modulation such as QPSk/QAM, DQPSK/8DPSK, OFDM, etc.  and related channel encoding/decoding algorithms.
$ ^! i" q) {$ M# t--- Good knowledge in communication related algorithms, such as AGC, carrier recovery, timing recovery, channel estimation and equalization.9 l9 U- j9 t' h% N# g- j6 Z
--- Strong knowledge in Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) and/or Bluetooth is a must. Knowledge of rake receiver, MINO is a big plus / ^0 ]* ^' n8 @4 {0 o4 C5 O
--- Good experience in cost-driven architectural design, system partition and performance analysis is highly desirable
' w$ t" n9 L. G2 ?6 z" `--- Must have extensive SoC experience from design specification to netlist
) q; V+ i" U' e( F9 A! N--- Supervising engineers and conducting chip/prototype (with FPGA) debugging in the lab environment
& l& P/ ^( O0 }# ^; J--- Excellent hands-on experience in system bring-up and trouble-shooting in the lab environment is highly desirable
0 |+ F7 l9 ~+ |* E% o--- Good experience and understanding of issues related to board level design, grounding, supply decoupling, filtering, spurs sources, etc. is a big plus
/ t: j$ n$ K# ?! k  X( S: w--- Self-motivated, excellent communication skills and ability to excel in a team environment

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Staff Analog Design Engineer (Power Management)
' Z  Y$ ]1 I; v; E. K+ J公     司:one famous IC company
3 u- l/ U* ?8 u* n8 C工作地点:上海; `4 g% v5 ~5 \7 v: I9 P4 ]* N* F

3 _* k5 j; j) N9 HJob Description  ) T, W" f# w  I$ D; u2 @5 r
-Work with analog power IC design team for new product development; 4 F0 H: M1 ]5 C/ O4 {
-Work closely with layout designer for layout implementation  
9 m. f4 w- g8 [2 r-Verification of performance requirements using appropriate simulation and verification tools. ( R$ [3 R3 y, \: J  `# O5 w7 Y
-Support test & product team with chip debugging, failure analysis, characterizations and product release efforts;
# G2 o- t: n7 K2 o
& h+ q1 Y; r  H9 a/ D6 `9 b; nQualification Requirements ! w+ X' v; X7 I
-Master degree or above in EE or related field;  # }# z* G1 x8 L2 ?+ ?7 {' e
-5+ years of working experience on analog power IC design area;
+ c# }# P# Q0 [, R2 u+ R, x# i-Familiar with details of product development: design method, design process, CAD tool, design for test, physical design, system applicant% g3 B: n3 I0 i, ?4 ?* e5 W3 P& N
-Strong experience in power analog blocks design, including LDO, DCDC Converters, Charge Pump, Power Path, etc. Especially on switch mode converter designs.
9 W1 M# Z: n( \# P( u-Familiar with CAD tools, such as schematic capture, SPICE simulator (or equivalent transistor level circuit simulator), Virtuoso;
/ l% K4 n$ E& _( E3 ?1 g8 \4 u; n-Understanding of BiCMOS process technologies and device physics : T6 Q0 [# _$ _, ^
-Excellent understanding of written English and good spoken English
- b# A, I9 H4 \8 q  F1 t2 {! Z-Good communication skills and cooperative spirits.  
( {' x- |; y' X  q$ D, Z-Outstanding ability of self-management and attain goal under pressure.

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/ z( E; }2 s2 \7 W; i8 A9 L+ \+ G3 }6 k公      司:A IC design company
& }* D) g' E- s, a% S7 t" H工作地点:北京: A- u5 U( L( V
  Z6 F* M5 M! k# t
职责范围:  . Q6 v; ^" Z/ @6 W. q6 w6 k
1. 负责研发设计部门日常运行和管理,指导研发团队新产品定义、立项、设计、验证; " y! u( ^! V# ?5 f
2. 负责与市场及销售部门紧密配合制定公司3-5年期产品路线图及相关产品定义; , o# x; [( X) L" k2 g3 H+ [
3. 负责开发芯片系统架构,参考模型,测试计划,测试环境等一整套工作流程;  
$ ^: m5 e5 N4 O0 _$ |. \8 v2 K0 j4. 负责对多个项目进行人员资源的调配,分配设计任务,加强团队间不同功能的分工合作,提高研发效率;  
9 n- [' o' b7 |* f5. 指导研发团队制定产品测试、应用及标准制定及批量生产;  
5 m/ Q, |# T5 v3 Y% G, {6. 负责与EDA厂商合作确定软件购买,新工具的采用等;
7 v4 k: P/ `* E* i' b3 T% w; _6 s7. 负责研发团队建设及人才的引进和培养,以符合公司发展战略的人才需求。 4 l( S! [- `1 S6 l
# v7 g+ O' x9 m% @
3 m! v$ R  l2 G6 Q1. 重点本科以上学历,微电子专业,十年以上相关工作经验,或硕士微电子专业,八年以上相关工作经验; 2 h2 x9 v" ]" Q8 z$ A: X
2. 三个以上从概念到量产的全过程的车用芯片的工作经验,并担任过模拟设计部门经理级以上职位;  ' I2 o' K- z3 d5 q9 v
3. 熟悉射频模拟电路产品定义、设计、测试、应用及品质控制流程;
! o7 g  Z  {9 @6 S) Z6 l1 }4. 工作严谨、细致、高效、务实,富创新性思维能力,思路清晰;  
# c1 l9 A$ I2 {) ~- z2 ~5. 有较强的成本、品质意识,良好的职业道德和职业操守; 9 d6 w  \2 Y: R# {" v
6. 优秀的书面及口头沟通表达能力和良好的团队合作精神。

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