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& _0 L4 U. i* a8 P. g5 ?HI
% s4 z9 u2 s! w( r9 zHello everyone ~
6 t7 L4 c/ \" }/ x( l/ Z) g" JI just joined today's newcomers
6 }$ X' D# a6 n7 O& LThis version has found a lot of information that allows me to learn4 M9 ~' N1 o  n: c2 B
At present, the establishment of learning LAYOUT of PCELL
& Q8 Z; ?+ Z  QI hope that the older generation can be a lot of teaching about7 a1 b; M, s% E) d
A thanks
7 y8 o8 A% P5 z  a* T9 c' K, Z" m1 O
/ j1 z7 g- X; O, K! e) E) k* h
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